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Our Parish Priest,
Reverend Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis,
Under the spiritual and ecclesiastical shepherding
of  His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of the
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit
of the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
under the jurisdiction of the
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Youth Education Religious Activities Committee  (Y.E.R.A.C.)

(Under the advisement and spiritual guidance of Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis)

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The Y.E.R.A.C. group is currently comprised up of the following individuals:

  Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis  Saint Nicholas Parish Priest
  George Kokales Parish Council President
  Robert Ashley Parish Council appointed Y.E.R.A.C. Chairperson
  T.B.A. Golden Age Representatives
  Dani Nadra Acolytes (Altar Boys)
  Jon Wardner Church Music Ministry Director
  T.B.A. Church School Director
  Antonios Micalopoulos Young Adult League (Y.A.L.)
  Demetra Mitropoulos-Rundus, Katerina Roumanis, Vicki Kinningham, Laura Kokkales, Dani Nadra Greek Orthodox Youth of America (G.O.Y.A.) Representatives
  Sophia Grias-Radwaski and Vasilia Beltsos-Tsilimingras Hellenic Orthodox Primery Education (HOPE) Representatives
  Mary Hayes Junior Orthodox Youth (J.O.Y.) Representative
  T.B.A. Saint Nicholas Nursery
  T.B.A. Saint Nicholas Playgroup
  Nia Roumanis Saint Nicholas Greek School P.T.O.
Christopher A. Bekiares Saint Nicholas Parish Bookstore

This committee is open to all input of suggestions, comments, and/or thoughts from all Parishioners.  Everyone is welcome to join and/or participate in the Y.E.R.A.C. Committee.
Anyone interested in joining and/or participating the Y.E.R.A.C. Committee, should please contact Y.E.R.A.C. Committee Chairperson Robert Ashley.

Saint Nicholas Parish Priest
Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis

Parish Council President
George Kokales

Y.E.R.A.C. Chairperson
Robert Ashley

Acolytes (Altar Boys)
Dani Nadra

Saint Nicholas Parish Bookstore
Christopher A. Bekiares

Church Music Ministry
Jon Wardner

Church School

Saint Nicholas Seniors

Demetra Mitropoulos-Rundus
Laura Kokales
Katerina Roumanis
Vicki Kinningham

Sophia Grias-Radwaski
Vasilia Beltsos-Tsilimingras

Mary Hayes

Saint Nicholas Nursery

Saint Nicholas Playgroup

Saint Nicholas Greek School
Gail Altenberg

Young Adult League (Y.A.L.)
Robert Ashley


1.  Opening Prayer

2.  Parishioner Participation

3.  Organization Reports/Requests

A.   Altar Boys (Acolytes)

     B.  Saint Nicholas Parish Bookstore

    Church Music Ministry

     D.    Church School

    Saint Nicholas Seniors


     G.  H.O.P.E.


    Saint Nicholas Nursery

Saint Nicholas Playgroup

     K.     Saint Nicholas Greek School

     L.     Y.A.L.

4.  Rev. Father Nick’s Comments

5.  Parish Council President's Comments

6.  Y.E.R.A.C. Chairperson Comments

7.  Old/New Business

8.  Adjournment/Closing Prayer

Our forms are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.  If you need the Acrobat reader,  click here.  Get Acrobat Reader Free!!
To print the Y.E.R.A.C. agenda PDF,  CLICK HERE.

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