Rev. Father Alexandru Radulescu, Assistant Priest

Assistant Priest Biography

The Priest by virtue of his canonical ordination and assignment heads and administers the Parish and exercises on its behalf the priestly duties, which consist in shepherding the Parish entrusted to his care, directing its orderly life, preserving its unity and keeping it faithful to its divine purpose. He shall sanctify his parishioners through the administration of the sacraments and the performance of all other prescribed services of worship. He shall also proclaim the Gospel and impart knowledge of the doctrines, traditions, canons and disciplines of the Church. Further, he shall guide the growth and progress of the Parish in the Christian life through the performance of his pastoral duties. Priests are accountable to their respective Hierarch and will submit a report of their ministry to him at least annually. The Eparchial Synod shall determine the format for these reports." (Uniform Parish Regulations, Section Three, Part One, Article 3, Section 1).

Rev. ​Father Alexandru was born in in Sibiu, Romania to Eugen and Monica Radulescu. He attended the “Simion Stefan” High School of Theology in the city of Alba Iulia, graduating in 1999. Coming back to his hometown, Fr Alexandru enrolled at the “Andrei Saguna” Institute of Theology from where he graduated with a University Degree in Pastoral Theology in 2003. ​Following a visit in the fall of 2002 to Detroit, Michigan, Fr Alexandru decided to further his studies at the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Major Seminary, applying for a M.A. degree in Theology. During his time at the Sacred Heart, he volunteered as a chanter at the St. George Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Southfield, Michigan. Upon presenting his M.A. thesis "St. Gregory Palamas: Controversy and Reception in the 14th Century," he graduated with honors in May 2006. After completing his graduate studies, Fr Alexandru was hired by St. George Cathedral as a full-time chanter. In September 2009, he received a job as a lay assistant to the Metropolitan at the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit. On 2 March 2014, with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas, Alexandru was ordained to the Holy Diaconate,  after which he served as the Deacon to the Metropolitan. On January 20, 2018, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood at St. Nicholas Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He currently serves as assistant priest under Rev Proistamenos Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis, Presiding Priest in Ann Arbor. Fr Alexandru is married to Presvytera Silvana (Totan) Radulescu. They have a son, Gabriel, born October 2013 and are expecting a daughter soon.


Hospital Calls: Our priests makes hospital calls upon request. However, to avoid misunderstandings, he will only respond to the call of an immediate family member of the hospitalized person. If you or a loved one is in the hospital, a nursing home, or homebound, please let Rev. Father Nicolaos know so he can arrange a visit. Hospitals no longer provide patient lists to clergy. Unless you request that a priest visit, Rev. Father Nicolaos and/or Rev. Father Alex will not be able to find you.

Contact the Saint Nicholas Church Office Secretary directly at (734/332-8200) Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm to arrange for home blessings; 1st-day & 8th-day newborn infant blessings; hospital, nursing home or shut-in visits; prison visits; when a loved one passes - or in any situation where the blessing, comfort or counsel of the Church is needed.