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The Chancellor's office

The Christos and Georgia Trakatellis Fellowship for 2015-16

2015-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Available

Virginia H. Farah Foundation

The George & Naouma (Gioule) 2016 Gioles Scholarship - Undergraduate

The Katina John Malta 2016 Scholarship - Undergraduate

The 2016 Paleologos Scholarship - Graduate

2016 Trakatellis Fellowship - only for Holy Cross Graduates

2016 Trakatellis Fellowship Renewal

FAITH Endowment Announces Summer 2014 Financial Aid Travel Grants to Ionian Village

John C. Kulis Charitable Foundation Offers Scholarship Opportunity For Metropolis Of Detroit Youth


SCOUTING Scholarship

Mando Gouvas Scholarship Foundation

PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

Hellenic Link - Midwest

MEFGOX Scholarship

Andreas J Mourelatos Architechture & Design Scholarship

Click here to view the National Scholarship Application and click here to view the National Scholarship Application Checklist (due May 15)

Click here to view the Zoe Cavalaris Award Application (due June 1)

Click here to view the Athletic Hall of Fame Award Application (due June 1)

Click here to view the Penelope of the Year Application. Please note the application is due 2 weeks prior to the Supreme Convention to Headquarters (due June 17). For District Conventions taking place after June 17, the application should be overnighted to Headquarters the Monday after the District Convention.
For example, if the last District Convention is June 19-20, the application should be overnighted on June 22.

All other Orthodox and Hellenic Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants for U.S. Students