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We always welcome questions, comments, and suggestions regarding our web site, parish, or the Orthodox faith in general. We will make every effort to respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, though please be aware that the number of inquiries received will affect response time.

Please do not use this form to contact the Church secretary for emergencies or to share private information.
In these cases, please contact the Church office at: (734) 332-8200.

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Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis, Proistamenos (Presiding Priest):

Rev. Father Alexandru Radulescu, Assistant Priet:


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Church Office

Church Office Hours: M - F  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Address: 3109 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103   Map and Directions

Phone: 734 / 332 - 8200  Dialing Directions and Extensions

Fax: 734 / 332 - 8201