2-22-18 Miranda, daughter of Rob Ashley and Andrea Rendziperis
2-27-18 Brendan, son of J.P. and Nicole (Raphael) Courtney
3-21-18 Argo Maximus, son of Yanni and Penelope Paulus
5-6-18 Ellie Theadora, daughter of Jamie and Monica Kales
5-25-18 Korinna, daughter of Dimitrios and Adda Athanasopoulos - Zekkos
5-29-18 Zoe Marie, daughter of Fr. Alex and Presvytera Silvana Radulescu
6-7-18 Anna Evangeline, daughter of Steve and Katie Kolokithas
7-7-18 Nikolas, son of Lyle and Denise Johnson
10-25-18 Nektaria, daughter of Dani and Ioana Nadra


2-5-17 Andrew, son of Chris and Maroulla Dallas
9-11-17 Alexandra, daughter of Brion and Theresa Cooley


3-1-16 Alexander, son of Brandon and Metaxia Morris
6-10-16 Charles, son of Nate and Julia (Krause) Knapp
6-11-16 Theodore, son of Josh and Gina Ney
6-23-16 Jacob, son of Stephen and Katie Kolokithas
7-26-16 Alexander, son of Robert and Lindsay Palazzolo
8-6-16 Peter Paul, son of Peter and Helen (Ioannou) Andruskiewicz
9-7-16 John Alexander, son of George and Eleni (Roumanis) Cisneros
10-27-16 Apollo John, son of Yanni and Penelope Paulus


4-22-15 Magdalena, daughter of Robert and Andrea Ashley
8-10-15 Atlas Paulus, son of Yannis & Penelope Paulus
9-25-15 Konstantinos, son of Tony & Cleo Mihalopoulos
11-20-15 Arjun Chengia, son of Benjamin and Maya Curtis