Archdiocese Regulations

2006 Saint Nicholas Parish BY-Laws

The Parish Assembly

The Parish Assembly is the general policy-making and highest directing body of the parish. It is comprised of all members in good standing (meaning in good financial and canonical/spiritual standing with the parish and Church). The Parish Priest is a non-voting member of the Assembly. A Parish Assembly may be convened for matters other than those involving canonical and dogmatic issues.

Regular Parish Assemblies are convened by the Priest and the Parish Council, at least twice each year, at dates fixed by the Parish Council usually in the spring and in the fall. Special meetings of the Assembly may be called by the Parish Priest and/or Parish Council to take up urgent matters or those that require a special meeting (such as purchasing property).

Notices of Parish Assemblies are mailed to all parishioners in good standing at least ten (10) days prior to the Assembly and include the agenda. The agenda is prepared by the Priest and the Parish Council and includes the items to be discussed at the Assembly.

Proxies are not permitted at Parish Assemblies.

The Archdiocese Regulations (available at the Archdiocese website) and Parish By-laws (see link here or at bottom of page) have reserved certain privileges and rights for the Parish Assembly, but also certain restrictions.

At any Parish Assembly, the input and opinions of our parishioners are vital. The decisions of each assembly set the course for the future of our community. While the Parish Council (see below) or petitioning members set the agenda for new business, and the Parish Priest may offer an opinion or suggestions, the Chair of each assembly is chosen from among the attendees, and the decisions are up to the entire gathering. Furthermore, the decisions of the Parish Assembly are binding on the Parish Council. In some cases, the Parish Council requires the permission of the assembly (such as spending beyond the limit set by our parish by-laws), and in others it must comply with decisions made there. Overall, the Parish Council answers to and reports to the Parish Assembly except where it has specific powers/privileges set forth by Archdiocesan Regulations.

Generally, at its fall meeting, the Parish Assembly will elect members of the Board of Elections (see below) as well as discuss reports on the other parish ministries, and take up any old or new business. At the fall meeting, the primary business is the adoption of a financial budget for the forthcoming year. Likewise, elections for members of the Board of Auditors (see below) are held at spring meeting.

Parishioners in good standing may request the minutes of the Parish Assemblies by contacting the Parish Office.