Acolytes (Altar Boys)

2018-2019 Acolyte (Altar Boy) Schedule

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Roopas, Alexander**

Kotsis, Harry**

Hauck, George**

Radwanski, Sam**

Roopas, Evangelos**

Necula, Gabriel**

Theros, Alexander**

Radwanski, Jonah**

Chalogianis, Zachary**

Hochendoner, Ethan**

Kahn, Austin**

Savas, Luke**

Dixon, Ralph*

Skrettas, Dimitrios**

Georgiadis, Mathias*

Foster, Bailey**

Templeman, Constantine*

Skrettas, Eleftherios**

Georgiadis, Alexander*

Res, Zannis**

Templeman, Haralambos*

Prokos, Anastasios*

Gibson, Theodore*

Govatsos, Yiannis**

Warhurst, Luke*

Vrahnos, Elias

Karageorge, Robert Elias*

Govatsos, Louie**

Apetroaei, Alexander*

Tsilimingras, Sotirios

Blastos-Kokales, Blaise

Northrup, Nicholas

Stamadianos, Niko

Tsilimingras, Nicholas

Wixom, Kyriakos

Rouman, Alexander

Goffas, Peter

Tsilimingras, Demetrios

Smyrnis, Konstantinos

Rouman, Nicholas

Shinn, Angelo

McRae, Quentin

Rooks, Andrew

Sotiropoulos, Leonidas

Petrou, John

Vrahnos, Christos

Andoni, Athan

Asad, Eliane

Perakis, George

Kloumasis, Konstantinos


  *Assistant Captain






02 Group A

07 Group B

04 Group B

02 Group B

09 Group B

14 Group C

11 Group C

09 Group C

16 Group C

21 Group D

18 Group D

16 Group D

23 Group D

28 Group A

25 Group A

23 Group A

30 Group A

30 Group B





06 Group C

03 Group C

03 Group C

07 Group D

13 Group D

10 Group D

10 Group D

14 Group A

20 Group A

17 Group A

17 Group A

21 Group B

27 Group B

24 Group B

24 Group B

28 Group C

31 Group C





05 Group D

02 Group D

07 Group A

04 Group A

12 Group A

09 Group A

14 Group B

11 Group B

19 Group B

16 Group B

21 Group C

18 Group C

26 Group C

23 Group C

28 Group D

25 Group D

30 Group D

All Captains and Assistant Captains should do their best to serve on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 for the Great Vespers of St. Nicholas.

There is no schedule for Holy Week. Everyone is welcome to serve in the altar permitted we have enough robes.



Under the advisement and spiritual guidance of Proistamenos Rev. Father Nicolaos H. Kotsis

1. RESPECT & REVERENCE for the Church and Altar area. Remember, you are in a HOLY place - treat it that way! It is as an honor to serve your Parish as an Acolyte (Altar Boy), not a bothersome chore.

2. BE ON TIME. Please try to arrive at least five to ten (5 - 10) minutes before the start of any Church Service.

3. When you vest, ask the Priest to bless your belt before putting it on.

4. When offering or receiving something from the Priest, always kiss his right hand.

5. Accept your assignment without complaint.

6. The Church Service dress code: clean shirt, tie, and dress shoes. NO JEANS or SNEAKERS.

7. That you know that Creed by heart

8. That you pay attention to the service

9. No earrings or other piercings are allowed to remain in place while someone serves in the altar

10. No unnecessary talking.

11. No eating or drinking permitted in the Altar. NO GUM.

12. No pushing, shoving, fighting or clowning around is allowed.

13. Walking behind the Altar should be kept to a minimum.

14. All Acolytes (Altar Boys) should stand at the Altar Table or in front of the chairs.

15. Before leaving the Altar area, ask the Priest for permission and his blessing.

16. If you must be absent, you must please call the captain of your group a few days ahead of time so a replacement can be found.

17. All Altar Boys (Acolytes) must register and participate in Sunday Church School.

18. The Sanctuary will be kept clean and neat at all times.  Acolytes are responsible for maintaining its cleanliness as well as the neatness of the robes and other items used in the processions (i.e. we remove wax from candle holders and/or clean the fans and cross). We also keep the counter clean after cutting the antidoron (bread), and put everything back into its proper place.

19. Acolytes (Altar Boys) meetings will be held a minimum of three times a year. All Altar Boys must attend the scheduled meetings. Times and dates to be announced in the Sunday bulletin as well as phones calls by each group Captain.