Acolytes (Altar Boys) - Intro Letter

August 2015

Dear Acolyte,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you concerning your service in the altar of our beloved St. Nicholas Church.  Enclosed is a copy of the acolyte schedule for the rest of the year (on the back side of this letter), information about what to do during the services (please try to memorize the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed in English – Greek if you would like).  There is no schedule of the Services during Lent or for Holy Week.  It is first come, first serve on those days, and I hope you want to serve on those days.  During the summer (i.e. after Church School graduation), anyone may come up on a Sunday. 

As you will see, there are, generally, two captains and two assistant captains in each group.  The captains and assistant captains are responsible for making sure all the duties of the acolytes are carried out on any particular Sunday and are also responsible for cleaning the acolyte room after the service is over and before they leave for home.  Captains and assistant captains are the only ones who should vacuum the acolyte room after the distribution of antidoron, and it must be done every Sunday.  The captains and assistant captains should know the Lord’s Prayer and Creed by heart, and should be VERY familiar with the altar boy direction page, which explains how and when to carry out your tasks.  Every acolyte is responsible for hanging up his robe and belt properly, and the captains and assistant captains will make sure this is carried out.  They are also responsible for maintaining the behavior of the rest of the acolyte team during services.  Starting in October, the acolyte captains and assistant captains will be responsible for reading the Epistle every Sunday in English.  If you are assigned to a particular day and cannot come to church, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Please know that serving in the altar is an honor, privilege, and sacred duty.  Not anyone can serve in the altar.  Please take your responsibilities seriously, but also enjoy the opportunity you have to participate in and observe the services of the Greek Orthodox Church up close. 

Mr. Dani Nadra and Mr. Louis Donoghue will be assisting every acolyte group.  You are to follow any directions he gives you concerning the duties and responsibilities of acolytes.  He will assist in teaching the younger acolytes their responsibilities, assist the acolytes preparing for processions and oversee all acolyte groups.

Finally, there will be an attendance sheet in the acolyte room.  Every time you come in to serve, you should sign in on the sheet.

Please know that this list may change as need arises and at my discretion.  If you have any questions concerning service as an acolyte, please ask me!!  I would be happy to answer your questions!

With love in Christ,

  Rev. Father Nick