The mission of the Saint Nicholas Church Bookstore is to serve as a resource for Orthodox Christianity in southeast Michigan, enhancing understanding and the practice of faith. The Bookstore is a repository of knowledge about Eastern Orthodoxy, its history, other religions, and the cultural context in which it has grown. In addition, there are many cookbooks available containing recipes for fasting and the Lenten period.

Book Ideas for Lent

For those of us who are able to prepare our own meals, Lent can be a wonderful time to bring together our meal preparation and our spirituality. Food is so rich in symbolism. Because it involves preparation, each step of doing it can be open to meaning. And if we are cooking for our family, sharing the meal can become part of our Lenten prayer and ritual.

Cooking as Prayer

If prayer is "raising our minds and hearts to God," and being in a relationship with God, then anything can be prayer. And preparing a meal can certainly be a wonderful prayer. And, if our cooking is for our family or others with whom we live, then it can be a great act of love.

Lenten Cookbooks at the St. Nicholas Bookstore

A LENTEN COOKBOOK When You Fast... Fasting as a Family