HOPE Explaination

H.O.P.E (Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education)

HOPE (Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education) is an excellent part of our St. Nicholas youth program.  HOPE allows the youngest members of our parish, ages 4 to those in 2nd grade, experience different aspects of our Holy Orthodox Faith, at their own level.  Through religious stories/topics, church hymns, and religious crafts/games, HOPE helps equip our younger children with the tools necessary to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The earlier they learn to love God, the better!

The children tentatively will meet on the second Sunday of the month, after church from 12:30 to 2:00.  We do not have a meeting in September so as to give the children time to acclimate to the new school year.  A tentative schedule will be found in the hallway outside of the church office.  We begin with a prayer followed by lunch which is graciously provided by one of the parents. A sign-up sheet for lunch will be provided at the meetings.  After lunch the children attentively listen to Father Nick as he teaches them about the Bible or a specific topic of our Orthodox Faith.  Last year our topics focused on heroes of the Bible. This year we will be discussing Biblical Stories. The children love having Father’s full attention all for themselves.  We end our time together by having fun with a craft or an outdoor activity.   The children have a great time playing together as they build new friendships with other Orthodox children


Remember, increasing exposure to the Church early in your child’s life is an important step in the building and strengthening of their Orthodox Faith.  For more information contact:  Sophia Grias-Radwanski at sgrias@mhsi.us or Margarita Bekiares at pappas@med.umich.edu, or Presbytera Sandra at sspilson@hotmail.com.