Internet Ministries

The Internet Ministry is responsible for the Parish Website, Greek Festival Website, Monthly Newsletters, and any other media. Your input is greatly appreciated. For any questions, comments, and concerns please contact:

Please refer to the Social Media Guidelines for information on having your event advertised through the Saint Nicholas website/social media platforms.

Social Media Guidelines

To submit your event for promotion on our website or Facebook page, please fill out the Event Submission Form

Event Submission Form

Here are the instructions to have an official Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church event created and posted on the church website and/or Facebook.

All events submitted are subject to approval from the IT department. All events must be submitted within 30 days of the event to ensure a timeline for approval and posting. If the event is submitted less than 30 days, IT reserves the right to deny approval to post the event via Facebook. All events posted or created via Facebook without the prior consent of the IT department are subject to being documented as an unofficial/unapproved event, and will be reported to Facebook for removal.

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