Outreach & Evangelism

Habitat for Humanity 2018

Our Habitat for Humanity project for 2018 is in the planning stages. We are targeting three build days in Spring or early Summer. Dates and sign up information will be available soon.

Outreach & Evangelism Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Nicholas Outreach & Evangelism Committee to renew and share the Orthodox Christian Faith in America by nurturing a deeper commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ within His Church, by reaching out to inactive Orthodox Christians and the unchurched, and by meeting the needs of those inquiring about the Orthodox faith. We accomplish this through charitable works and community outreach programs. The committee is also charged with creating and implementing the adult Christian education program of the parish. The committee is open to all parishioners who wish to participate. We meet regularly on the first Tuesday of each month. New members, ideas, and perspectives are always welcome.

Our projects include:

  • Habitat for Humanity: our parish works with the Huron Valley chapter each Spring to help restore a home in the Ypsilanti area. The houses are sold to a family after restoration.
  • St. Nicholas Faith & Food Garden: our parish grows fresh vegetables on our church property. Produce from the garden is donated to Food Gatherers or distributed by Father Nick to local families in need.
  • St. Nicholas Food Pantry: canned goods and other household items donated to the pantry are distributed by Father Nick to local families in need.
  • St. Nicholas Blood Drive: our annual blood drive is facilitated by the Red Cross.
  • Annual Christian Education Retreat: our retreat provides a daylong seminar with Christian education topics relevant for adults and teenagers.
  • Lenten Christian Education Program: classes follow the Lenten evening services on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Topics are new each year.
  • Fall Christian Education Program: classes meet one night per week for six weeks. The topic is new each year.

Principles for Christian Outreach to the Washtenaw County Community

  1.  Good Works

      a.  “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16

  2.  Create a Culture of Evangelism

      a.  Embolden our parishioners to talk about our faith with family, friends, and colleagues.

           i.  Homilies

          ii.  Teaching in Church School

         iii.  OCF

  3.  Christian Education to Equip the Faithful

      a.  Equip them to better understand their faith.

      b.  Equip them with skills in apologetics to explain the faith to others.

  4.  Community Outreach

      a.  Advertise in select local publications to be visible to the community.

      b.  Host seminars on Orthodox Christianity open to the community.

      c.  Explore what other services the parish might be able to offer to the community.

  5.  Use Social Media to Communicate the Gospel

      a.  Facebook

      b.  Twitter

  6.  Welcome and Connect With Visitors

      a.  Make our parish friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

      b.  Have a welcome packet available with information about the parish and Orthodox Christianity