ZOE for Life!™ serves as a conduit, guiding women in crisis pregnancy to a wider range of support organizations, providing them with a more attractive set of options and hopefully a more promising outlook on their situation. St. Nicks and St. Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church are partnering together to develop a Washtenaw chapter of this ministry. We are currently using this webpage as an information page keeping you up to date for our current progress!

ZOE is a support organization with three major goals: to help women who need confidential, emotional, and spiritual support during crisis pregnancies; to assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt; and to provide an education and other resources for sustainable motherhood. This ministry is a pan-Orthodox outreach of Orthodox Christians, helping all souls in need, regardless of religious affiliation. ZOE for Life!™ is funded privately, and has received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.

ZOE helps pregnant women in distress who need confidential, emotional, and spiritual support to encourage them to choose life for their unborn child. Together with St. Vladimirs we are hoping to create a successful ministry, and you can help!

If you would like to visit the original Ohio Chapter website to find out more about the mission in action, click here: http://www.zoeforlifeonline.org/

March 17th Retreat Update

Thank you to all who participated in our Think-Tank retreat! It was a unique experience that came together with passion and a common goal! We are lucky to have so many people that want to be involved in someway to figure out how this ministry will make sense. Below are the notes that have been transcribed from the retreat for your reference. 

ZFL Think-Tank Retreat Notes

If you or someone you know would like to be added to our current list of interest for Zoe for Life, please contact the following people:

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Erica Foster


St. Vladimir's Russian Orthodox Church